Welcome to Men of Valor and Prayer, or MVP Ministry.  MVP is a grassroots men’s ministry, founded by a group of Saskatoon Christian men, who have a desire to impact the spiritual climate of the city.  We have different backgrounds and attend different churches, but we are united by the desire to serve God, follow Jesus Christ and to see other men do the same.

Our vision is of Men stepping forward to take responsibility for their families, their church, their community and their land.

Men need to be taught, supported and encouraged to be the men that God created them to be.  However, in order to step forward to serve as a Man of God, men need to address and deal with our own weaknesses, issues and sins.

MVP can assist churches and men by

1) being a point of contact and network for men and churches, sharing information about what is happening for men across the city.

2) providing leadership for city-wide men’s events and opportunities, providing opportunities for men to connect, be challenged and grow.

3) provide assistance and support to churches seeking to grow their ministry to men.